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Meaning Mac Startup Screen from macOS
About Mac Startup Screen from macOS: Meaning, Issues and Solutions

When your Apple Mac computer starts with macOS, you will see different types of screen appear showing the startup progress. You can also notice issues that might keep your Mac starting up in normal mode. Here we will tell you about Mac Startup Screen from macOS and its appearance.

How’s your Mac Startup Screen from macOS?

You can see the startup screen with slight differences depending on the version of your macOS. There are certain types of stages shows different icons and images during the progress.  However, let see what are stages of Apple Mac Startup Screen from macOS comes during the booting process.

About Mac Startup Screen from macOS

At the Time of Power On

This the black screen when you first start your Mac. You can also hear a start-up sound if your Mac is early than 2016. Actually, at the starts up your Mac initialize its Boot ROM and RAM, then executes a power-on self-test and Boot ROM test. If you hear another sound of chimes at this stage it indicates there is hardware problem and start-up process interrupted. If you enhanced the memory to your Mac make sure it has been installed properly.  mac-power-on-screen-icon

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A Complete Blank Screen

After completion of power-on self-test your Mac sends a video signal to inbuilt and display screen. You might notice that screen appears black or grey at this stage of start up and display back light must turn on. However, if an image doesn’t appear on your screen after few seconds you can try adjusting the display brightness. And if you have connected an external display make sure it is connected properly and properly switched on.


FileVault Login Page

This page appears when you have enabled full encryption using FileVault, you are impelled to enter your registered user account name and password to unlock your start-up disk.


Logo of Apple

When you see the Apple logo appears, it indicates that your computer has found the starts up file “boot.efi” on your start-up disk telling your Mac where to locate the system folder on your start-up disk.


Indicator of Progress

When your Mac successfully locates system folder on your starts up disk, a progress bar or spinning wheel appears on your screen. This specifies that your Mac is reading files from the Mac OS system folder.


Login Window

However, if your Mac doesn’t have the FileVault enabled or you turned off automatic login in system preferences, you can now see screen showing the available user accounts on this Mac. Now you can choose your user name and account name and enter your password to log in into Apple Mac account.


Desktop View

Finally after your Mac finished starting up and you are logged in, you can see your desktop picture and the Dock view on your computer screen.


If your Mac not shows screen in the right manner of you notice something other on your Mac screen and facing a blank screen related issues, you can call at Apple Mac Support Number and get online help to resolve such issues with the help of experts.