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Meaning Mac Startup Screen from macOS
About Mac Startup Screen from macOS: Meaning, Issues and Solutions

When your Apple Mac computer starts with macOS, you will see different types of screen appear showing the startup progress. You can also notice issues that might keep your Mac starting up in normal mode. Here we will tell you about Mac Startup Screen from macOS and its appearance.

How’s your Mac Startup Screen from macOS?

You can see the startup screen with slight differences depending on the version of your macOS. There are certain types of stages shows different icons and images during the progress.  However, let see what are stages of Apple Mac Startup Screen from macOS comes during the booting process.

About Mac Startup Screen from macOS

At the Time of Power On

This the black screen when you first start your Mac. You can also hear a start-up sound if your Mac is early than 2016. Actually, at the starts up your Mac initialize its Boot ROM and RAM, then executes a power-on self-test and Boot ROM test. If you hear another sound of chimes at this stage it indicates there is hardware problem and start-up process interrupted. If you enhanced the memory to your Mac make sure it has been installed properly.  mac-power-on-screen-icon

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A Complete Blank Screen

After completion of power-on self-test your Mac sends a video signal to inbuilt and display screen. You might notice that screen appears black or grey at this stage of start up and display back light must turn on. However, if an image doesn’t appear on your screen after few seconds you can try adjusting the display brightness. And if you have connected an external display make sure it is connected properly and properly switched on.


FileVault Login Page

This page appears when you have enabled full encryption using FileVault, you are impelled to enter your registered user account name and password to unlock your start-up disk.


Logo of Apple

When you see the Apple logo appears, it indicates that your computer has found the starts up file “boot.efi” on your start-up disk telling your Mac where to locate the system folder on your start-up disk.


Indicator of Progress

When your Mac successfully locates system folder on your starts up disk, a progress bar or spinning wheel appears on your screen. This specifies that your Mac is reading files from the Mac OS system folder.


Login Window

However, if your Mac doesn’t have the FileVault enabled or you turned off automatic login in system preferences, you can now see screen showing the available user accounts on this Mac. Now you can choose your user name and account name and enter your password to log in into Apple Mac account.


Desktop View

Finally after your Mac finished starting up and you are logged in, you can see your desktop picture and the Dock view on your computer screen.


If your Mac not shows screen in the right manner of you notice something other on your Mac screen and facing a blank screen related issues, you can call at Apple Mac Support Number and get online help to resolve such issues with the help of experts.

How to Fix Mac Error Code 43?

Apple Mac Error Code 43 appears usually due to wrong OS configuration or due to installing wrong or irrelevant software. However, as per the Mac experts this bug or error may also appears due to hard disk problem or partial downloading of a particular file. To Fix Mac Error Code 43 you need an expert because Mac is an expensive device and any kind of disaster can be getting you into more trouble. However, there are few ways you can try and Fix Mac Error Code 43 on your Mac device running on Mac OS X.

Fix Mac Error Code 43

Steps to Fix Mac Error Code 43

First Stage: Reset PRAM Settings

Step 1: First shut down your Mac computer.

Step 2: Meanwhile Mac is shutting down you need to prepare for pressing command+option+P+R keys all together.

Step 3:Now turn on your Mac and press command+option+P+R command before the screen with grey start-up appear.

Step 4: At this point of time hold all these keys until you hear a start-up sound for three times and then release all the keys.

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Second Stage: Delete All Locked Files

Step 1: You need to navigate to Applications then open utilities and click on terminal.

Step 2: Now open the terminal and type chflags -R nouchg command on it.

Step 3: Now find at the bottom dock and double click on the Trash icon.

Step 4: Press command+A to select all the files in the trash folder.

Step 5: However, in case of you not able to find the terminal window, arrange finder window, so that you can see at least a part of terminal window.

Step 6: If you have done then press Return key on the terminal and empty the trash folder.

Dial Apple Technical Support Number 1-844-355-5111 to Fix any Mac Error Code

This Apple Mac Error Code 43 can be fixed easily if you follow these two stages with step-by-step process. This error can also come when you try to move files into different directory. Anyway, if you could not Fix Mac Error Code 43 you can call at Apple Mac Support Phone Number 1-844-355-5111 and get online assistance to fix such issues with right approach. These professional tech experts will take system on remote and fix the problem with right solution.

How to Fix iTunes Error 3194 on Mac?

Apple iTunes Error 3194 comes usually when your system is not able to connect with Apple’s firmware signature verification server. Though, such errors can also arrive when you upgrade or downgrade your iOS devices like Mac or MacBook etc. To Fix iTunes Error 3194, read the easy steps are given below.

This error would be very common if you have compromised your device and tried to connect with different connection and server tried to verify the connection. Whatever you need to fix this error timely and avoid major issues and enjoy iTunes service without any trouble.

Fix iTunes Error 3194

Steps to Fix iTunes Error 3194

Step 1: Close iTunes and open the open the hosts file on your computer and go to terminal from the utilities folder, then type sudo/nano/etc/hosts, and press ⏎ Return. This will open the hosts file in a text editor.

Step 2: Now find the bottom of the hosts file to look at the Apple address at the bottom. Here a standard hosts file would not have any lines without a # at the front.

Step 3: Now look for a . entry that will redirect the signature verification process to the Cydia servers. Owing to existence or nonexistence or that is producing the error.

Step 4: Now save the changes you made and your iPhone should now connect properly. To save successfully on Mac Press Ctrl+O to save and Ctrl+X to quit.

Step 5:Here you need to restore your iTunes and attempt your restore or update again. Because in few cases changes you did to your hosts file should allow you to proceed.

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Step 6: Now keep your iOS device on Firmware update mode, especially when your iPhone is still not able to establish connection. However, make sure you have keep backup of your iPhone because iPhone will erase all of your device data.

Step 7: To restore your device connect the iOS device to your computer and switch it off. Then press and hold the power button and home button simultaneously for 10 seconds. After 10 seconds now release the power button but keep pressing the home button and you can see the message saying in iTunes prompting you to restore the iPhone.

Apple Technical Support Number

Call Apple Technical Support Number 1-844-355-5111 for more information or solution

Now try to connect your device to your computer and if you still face the problem and not Fix iTunes Error 3194 you can call at Apple Technical Support Number 1-844-355-5111 and get the right online solution with the help of experts having better knowledge and experience in this field.

Reset Apple Id Password on Mac
How to Reset Apple Id Password on Mac?

Apple Id is the one-key to access your multiple Apple device or services related accounts like Apple Store, iTunes, iClouds and to access other Mac based applications like Mac Finder and Mac Keychain password etc. If your Mac machine is locked with Apple password and you forgot the same and don’t know how to Reset Apple Id Password.

Reset Apple Id Password

Don get worry resetting and recovering the apple ID password is very simple if you follow the right process. You just need to verify your identity and within few steps you can Reset Apple Id Password online without losing your identity or disclosing any other personal details.

Steps to Reset Apple Id Password on Mac:

Step 1:

Open your browser, Safari or other one and go to

Step 2:

Now enter your Apple Id with username and enter Captcha before hit continue. If you enabled two-factor authentication set up on your Apple ID then skip to the next section.

Step 3:

Now click next to choose what kind of information you want to rest on your Mac, your login password or security questions and after that just click on continue.

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Step 4:

Here you can find two options to reset your password, either using the recovery email address you have registered on your mail account or answering your security questions. Now select as per your choice and then click continue to proceed further.

Step 5:

If you select get an Email, then check your mail account shown on your computer screen and then enter verification code from the email and then click continue button.

Step 6:

If you select the Answer security questions, then start by entering your birthday and then answer two of your security questions before clicking on continue.

Step 7:

Now you can login with new password and reset password apple id email to make the changes and enter new password or continue with the same one.

Apple Mac Technical Support

With these easy steps you can reset your Reset Apple Id Password and if you face any kind of technical problem then you can call to Apple Technical Support Number and get online assistance to help you for resetting or recovering the Apple id password with complete safety.