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Troubleshooting Printing issues for Mac OS X Yosemite
Troubleshooting Printing issues for Mac OS X Yosemite

If your MacBook is facing issues while printing document through Mac OS X Yosemite, then there are possibilities of technical errors stopping your Mac to get print outs. The issue can be anything that can affect printing but can be troubleshoot using the steps given below. Apple running on Mac OS X Yosemite should take help of MacBook technical support to perform this task.

Resume Printing and Try Again

When your Mac not able to print, then open the dock to check the printer queue window, and if your printer is on paused mode, then press resume button. If a print job is already on the queue then press job button on the right and delete this task and again give print. If it doesn’t work, take Apple support to resume printing job from your Mac OS X Yosemite.

Check Network Connection

Network related issues also interrupt printing process, hence check the network connection of your printer and make sure it is well-connected with your Mac. Wi-Fi printer can be connected with multiple devices at a time, check your Mac that the printer is showing on your computer or not. If not showing, add printer on your network using right IP address on your Mac.

Make Sure to Use Updated Software   

Sometimes older versions of printer software not support the drivers. If you are using printer with other users, then make sure to use same updated version of software. To check the version, go to the system preferences and printer & scanner option to find the driver version. To update version apple technical support number 1-877-910-4205 is available right here for every Mac user.

Remove and Add Printer Again to Print 

If you cannot print through existing printer, then remove it and add again correctly to try print again. To add new printer remove the older one and add new one that is on your network. Offline printer cannot be added or if any other user is sharing this printer and stopped sharing, then it cannot be added until bring it on the network and enable sharing with others.

Try Print from another Application

Finally when you not able to print from Mac device, try another app to check that the problem is with your device or with printer. Use another app like Text Edit, and if problem persist, then go for other troubleshooting process to review your Mac OS X Yosemite settings for printer. And if problem persist, then mac os x technical support is only way to troubleshoot printer issue.

Features of Apple Mail 7
Top New Features of Apple Mail 7

Apple email comes with interesting features that provides a very interactive mailing service for different category of users. Apple has introduced many versions of email service and always tried to add interesting features to make it one of the best emailing service for end-users.

Knowing its features is very important to make best use of Apple email service. Though, there is a list of many features that had been added in Apple Mail 7 but we will share with you only few landscapes that will practically help to make your mailing hassle-free and fast. Find out top three features given below and how to activate them with useful instructions to use them efficiently.

Top New Features of Apple Mail 7

Searching Attachment in Mail

Apple Mail 7 has introduced improved version of mailing service that allows users to search through attachments. You just need to click on search box and type PDF and you will see all the mails containing PDF file attached. Attachment search in Apple mails makes it find the missing PDF file and the list of attachments you can search for is more comprehensive than earlier.

Apple Passbook in Apple Mail 7

Apple mail 7 supports passbook passes in the form of an attachment. You can view this feature pass right from your email and also add it to your passbook through iCloud at one click. If your mail is enclosed with passbook a grey bar appears at the top with a view pass button. You can details tab to view the information about the passbook pass directly from your window. And if you face any issue call to mac email support service to get adjust the passbook setting.

Use of Smart Mailboxes in Apple Mail 7

With Apple Mail 7 you can create Smart Mailboxes that help to filter messages by account. It works when you have multiple mail accounts you use it for sending or receiving mails on regular basis. You can create new smart mailbox and add account with recipient to filter your mails. The Smart Mailbox appears in the sidebar on the left side of the Apple mail interface. If Apple email is now showing the sidebar you can click and view the show button in the top-left corner of the interface. You can also take help of Apple mail support 1(833) 493-0111 to configure this setting correctly.

avoid tech support scams
Infographics : How to Avoid Tech Support Scams?

How to Avoid Tech Support Scams?

Nowadays, tech support is on rise and has become the most popular service among the computer users. But just like everything, it also has a downside.

Tips to prevent scams from : Apple Mac tech support

  1. Don’t trust any random call, it could be fake
  2. Always double check before giving remote access
  3. Always do a little back-ground search
  4. Never share your password details with anyone
  5. Apart from that the computer user can also file a complaint against the scam company

Just dial our toll-free number 1(833) 493-0111 to connect with Technical support expert for Apple Mac support.

Video of Apple Mac Technical Support
Video of Apple Mac Technical Support Phone Number : How it Works?

Watch Latest Video of Apple technical support phone number 1(833) 493-0111 That How Apple Mac Tech Support Team Works.

If you need tech help for Apple Mac products or you are facing any Apple Mac products related issue with your Apple Mac PC, Computer, Laptop, Printer, Scanner and Tablet. Subscribe and Watch Apple Mac technical support latest video to know that how tech support expert works for your query. If you are unable to fix your Apple Mac products issues, Just dial mention toll-free number 1(833) 493-0111 of Apple Mac Customer Support team to connect with techies. Our Tech Support experts are always ready to help you.

For further information Dial USA/Canada Toll Free Number 1(833) 493-0111 and get online tech support help for your query or visit official website :


Install and Uninstall Software on Mac Computers
How to Install and Uninstall Software on Mac Computers?

Apple Mac computers are already preloaded with many software and applications but you may also try to install other utility software to perform a specific task or maintain the data base or records of a daily transactions. But it would be not easy to install third party software into your Mac device, as you need   Apple tech support which will help you tell the right process of software installation.

The Mac computers use disk image or .dmg files for installing new software, and many times files are available in various other formats like .pkg or compressed with .zip file. All the applications of Mac computers are stored in the application folder that can be easily located by its name. Below you can see the right and most expedient process to install software on Mac with few easy to understand steps.

Step1: To install a software or application first you need to download that from the internet in the Mac compatibility mode or version supporting the Mac computers. Make sure the Mac files should be in the format of .dmg, .pkg or .zip to extract files in safe manner with complete configuration and settings.

Step 2: Now double click the file to open it for the further process, if the file is in zip format, then first unzip or extract the files which will be automatically stored into its own created new folder.  Now sail across the folder to find the .dmg or .pkg file in that folder to start the installation process.

Step3: When you find any of these types of file you can double click on that particular file to start the process of installation of the application packed into that particular folder. Make sure your Mac computer has sufficient space to store the data base and run that application without facing any kind of issue.

Step4: Now you can follow the installation instructions given at each step of software installation process. However, most of the .pkg files will carry out whole process itself but in case of .dmg files you have to drag the app to the application folder and then it will be successfully installed. If you are not able to extract zip files or facing problem while running installation process just call to Mac technical support. 

How to Un-install Software on Mac

Uninstalling the application from your Mac is also very easier. You just need to drag the application from your application folder and send it to the trash folder and you if you want to remove it permanently from the hard disk of your computer you can also clear your trash folder and eliminate permanently from your computer system.  And you can also get Mac technical support to remove any application from your Mac.

apple mail configuration
How to Configure Apple Email on Mac Series

Below guide will give you the insight how to configure apple email on Mac Apple computers. Apple email is default programs that come up with OS X10.0 or later. You can also get the details information in Apple email support 1(833) 493-0111.

Before you start, you should have

Step 1:

  • Your domain name.
  • Email address
  • Your password

Tab the email tab in your browser, if you have not configured yet you will get a prompt box to open an email account. The link will directly take you to the add account and it will give you list of the domain that you wanted to open an account.

add account on apple mail

Step 2:

It would appear like this. Fill your name, email address and password in the required field.

Fill your name, email address and password

Step 3:

Now mail will attempt to contact mail server, go to the setting and enable the “account must be manually configured” and click the next button to configure manually.

contact mail server

Step 4:

Account type can be selected either IMAP or POP, we recommend you to select IMAP account, to know more about this account, you can contact to the Apple email support number 1(833) 493-0111 at Apple Tech Support.  Enter the mail server details along with username and password to complete the setup. Similarly fill the details on the outgoing server, and click to next.

contact Apple technical support

Congratulation you have created an apple email to your system. To know more contact Apple technical support.

Apple customer support 1(833) 493-0111: Take it from a genuine company

With the passage of time, technology has drastically changed. The fact is technology has saved not only the time but also the cost as well. Apple, a global leader in electronics and communication technology is known for innovation and high end technology products. If one wants to know more about the products of Apple, one can make use of Apple technical support service.

Diagnosis of PC with the team of Apple Tech support

The technical support companies provide the support for OS X and Mac. There is need to understand the requirements of the customer and Apple customer service support team of the leading technical support companies will provide the proper solution for the various errors and problems related to the Apple products.

The top notch technical support companies provide support related to the products of Mac Book series like Macbook air, Macbook pro, Macbook mini, iMac, Apple OX X support. Mac versions come with various settings and configurations and if one wants to know in depth about this, one can get the information by dialing the Apple customer support number 1(833) 493-0111 that is a toll free number available on the home page of various websites. This number is also available on various landing pages.

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