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Fix Sound Problem on MacBook
How to Fix Sound Problem on MacBook?

Mac systems showing sound problems are very common among the users. Without sound, how will you hear your favorite songs or how you can use voice commands to run various applications controlled by sound system on Mac? Let it fix by trying few effective troubleshooting process to restore the sound settings and other issues.

Check the Volume Control Button

The first and most common mistakes, when a user mute the volume and try to run music files or watch video that not make any noise. Volume button located on right-side of the keyboard on F11 key, press it up and if it doesn’t works then go to menu bar and move the volume slider up. If any issue, get MacBook support for online help.

How to Fix Sound Problem on MacBook

Check the Headphone you are plugging

Your headphone may also have some problem that can create errors or you will not able to hear the sound on your MacBook. Check whether it is not connected with your Mac, if yes, then you will be not able to hear the sound through open speaker on any Mac device.

Check System Preferences

Go into the system preferences and open sound and click on output tab and also on internal speakers. If in the system preferences output volume is muted, then uncheck the box showing mute button. And also make sure the volume key output volume slider is dragged to extreme right. Adjust these settings carefully to avoid major issues.

Adjust or Reset the SMC Service

System management controller, another important setting you need to reset for listening Mac computers sound output. This is a very important setting you should take help from tech professionals who will do this job better while troubleshooting this problem. To change first shut down your computer disconnect from power cord and wait for few seconds before restarting. Now call to MacBook support phone number 1-877-910-4205 for help.

apple macbook support number

Reset Parallel Random-Access Machine (PRAM)

You can also try another troubleshooting process that is resetting of PRAM by restarting your computer and pressing keys Command, Option, P, and R and keep them holding down until system restarts and you hear chimes sound. Keep them pressing until rings again and release to complete the PRAM reset process successfully. It will help to improve the performance of RAM and sound output of your MacBook device.

How to fix Bluetooth Not Available on MacBook
How to fix Bluetooth Not Available Error on a MacBook?

Bluetooth helps to connect Mac with other devices for transferring various types of files wirelessly. But if it is not working or showing a problem while using in your MacBook how you will share data to other devices using this wireless technology.

Actually, there are multiple reasons that can cause Bluetooth related issues in MacBook devices. And you may encounter random appearance and disappearance of Bluetooth functionality even after rebooting your system.

When you try to open Bluetooth menu of Mac OS X you will find “Bluetooth Not Available” error displaying on your screen and sometimes “No Information found” also appears there through hardware system profiler. And situation becomes critical when Bluetooth frequently disconnects from our MacBook which can be solved by following troubleshooting process.

fix Bluetooth Not Available on MacBook

Remove Bluetooth from System and Shutdown Your Mac

Go to Bluetooth plist file under system preferences and delete “” permanently from your MacBook system. You can also use shortcut Command+Shift+G through OS X finder where you will find the “” that should be deleted to install new one. However, if you face any kind of technical problem you can take MacBook tech support help for quick online assistance at your desk.

Reboot Mac SMC on Your System

Now reset the SMC that stands for “System Management Controller” which may affect other hardware settings and power functions, which is also use to solve other hardware issues. Now shutdown your Mac properly and remove battery and connected adapter. If you have MacBook Air get MacBook Air support to perform this action.

To boot your Mac as normal mode hold down the power button for less than half minutes and then place the battery and adapter in right manner. If your MacBook battery is non-removable you can shut down your Mac while pressing Control+Shift+Option+power button together for at least two seconds before releasing all of them.

Reset Power Functions or PRAM

Similarly you have to reset PRAM by pressing power button then hold down Command+Option+P+R keys simultaneously till you receive the computer sound two times. The processes of resetting of these functions are slightly different as per the hardware configurations of different MacBook devices.


MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Mini and iMac all have minor differences to complete this process. However, despite all these efforts if your Bluetooth is not working properly or you are unable to fix Bluetooth Not Available Error, you can get MacBook technical support to check the problem at professional level, perhaps there is could be hardware problem affecting it.

Useful Tricks for Multi Touch Gesture on MacBook
Useful Tricks for Multi Touch Gesture on MacBook

MacBook series of Apple is packed with unlimited innovative features, tracked gesture is also one of them that provide an option to control various functions or perform many shortcut tasks at one click by fingers only. Quick zooming, scrolling and navigating are few tricks that can be done easily on any MacBook computer including MacBook Pro and Air. To know how to use multi-touch gestures on your MacBook read the clauses given below.

Tricks for Multi Touch Gesture on MacBook

Zooming and Scrolling

Just keep your fingers on trackpad and pinch two fingers to zoom in our out. You can also try double tap with two fingers to enjoy automatic zoom in & out feature. While on the other hand for scrolling through touchpad, you have to use two fingers by sliding to fingers up or down as per the web page open on browser of your system.

Launchpad and Show Desktop

To open Launchpad just pinch your thumb and three fingers together to show Launchpad. This useful gesture trick helps to view the installed apps on your system and launch them at one click. While to show the desktop on your MacBook just spread your thumb and three fingers separately. To enable these important gesture tricks you can take help of MacBook technical support and activate Launchpad and show desktop.

Dragging and Rotation of Articles

To drag an article on your MacBook screen, use three fingers and drag the item on screen and you can move any article from one place to another place. To rotate the article through gesture you can rotate images or other compatible items using two fingers around each other. If it not works, then take Apple technical support for help.

Searching and Control View of Frames

To find or search anything using a word or synonyms, you can use three fingers on your touchpad and tap fingers to look up a word to search its definition or find synonyms. To show all the windows together use your fingers together on trackpad and swipe upwards, and to collapse all windows just swipe back down by your four fingers.


Open Notification Center with Gesture

Using gesture touchpad on your MacBook, you can open notification center by using your fingers thru swiping in the fingers from left to right edge of the pad. Using this action you can open notification center within few seconds on your MacBook. If you face any problem, then get Apple tech support to check the gesture setting.

Make Space on MacBook Air
How to Make Space on MacBook Air?

MacBook Air comes with enormous space to store large number of files and folders with quick access. But after certain point of time when you keep music files, videos, movies, games and install other applications, the disk left no more space to stock more data.

You can free-up space by excising the unwanted files and folders from your hard disk. Removing unnecessary files from the disk also help to boost the speed of your MacBook Air. Find below how to free up space on MacBook air with complete safety.

Make Space on MacBook Air

Find out Duplicate Files and Remove them

Most probably you have saved many media files two times at different location in your MacBook air. Find out such files and remove them, you will get lots of space in your disk. If you need help you can get MacBook air support available online.

Empty Trash Folder of your MacBook Air

Continuous deletion of files directly stored into the trash folder before you remove them permanently from the system. Having such files into trash folders also consumes lots of memory space of the hard disk that also affects system speed.

Clear Files form Download Folder

Downloading of large PDF files, movies, songs, applications and other data from the web stores them into a separate downloading folder, that also consumes memory of disk.  Check the download folder and clear all such files to free up space.

Remove Attachment of files from Mails

Mails containing attachments need extra space to store into your computer system. Check mail folder from the library and delete attachments that that are stored into a separate folder. Make sure you have saved a copy of all the attachments.

Remove Language Files to Make Space

MacBook Air comes with language files for different language and you can switch your Mac into another system language or can use a single language. If you don’t need other language get MacBook air tech support and remove them carefully.

apple macbook air support

Remove Temp Files and Clean Your Mac

Using MacBook for such a long days accumulates lots of unnecessary files and folders backup into the hard disk that eats lots of memory space. Uninstall unused applications, delete junk files, and remove old not using data to free up space to your disk. In case of help by specialists you can all to MacBook Air customer support phone number 1(833) 493-0111.

Support For Apple Macbook Air
MacBook Air & Pro Both Give High Battery Life

Over the past years Apple has introduced upgraded version of all its flagship products including iPhone, Laptop, Watch and Music edition of its online store. Every year lots of people wait for the latest version of Apple product and if you are considering of buy a new MacBook, there are lots of things from hardware to software configuration are the main factors to decide which one is suitable for you.

However, all Apple MacBook series comes with unbeatable features but few things like your budget, portability and configuration will help you to choose the right MacBook device as per your choice.

There are three major MacBook devices comes in different screen sizes, 12 inch and 13-inch, MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. All three are examples ofmarvel design and engineering that comes with powerful processers and common useful ports to connect different other devices.

Apple‘s MacBook Air 13-inch is a complete advance computer device designed with curves and sleek body. The resolution of MacBook air is comparatively lower to 12-inch MacBook but have great battery life for longer use. The processor of MacBook Air is also higher than 12-inch MacBook and both are well-supported by customer support which is available on macbook air support number 1(833) 493-0111.

12-inch MacBook has low processor 
Apple MacBook 12-inch is power-driven by Intel Core M while both 13-inch MacBook Air and Pro are equipped with Intel Core i5 which gives extraordinary speed to process data. Apple MacBook Pro & Air both are comparatively better in terms of configuration and battery life. But MacBook 12-inch is completely a portable laptop with thin body and light weight handy to carry anywhere.

Price Could be the Major Deciding Factor
Apart from all these technical factors, price also makes the difference. Hence,you have to decide which one you can afford as per your budget. Though all laptops are well-built with quality components and latest software configuration and if any kind of technical issues arrives, customer can call to Apple support phone number 1(833) 493-0111 with round-the-clock customer support service for everyone.

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